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You reach the park by wide stairs. At the longer side from Riedelstreet, there is a drive-up ramp for wheel chairs. The small height makes an astonishing long way. If you stand in front of our destination, you don't see much. I always wondered about the stairs leading to nowhere. Now I have read some verbose books about Zen. Perhaps Dominique Perrault did the same. I don't know. The real Zen enthusiast only reads such a book when the pages are plain.
Most Berliners know the Velodrom how it looks from S-Bahn Station Landsberger Avenue. The entry is at the level of the railway siding. There's an undercrossing to get to it from the S-Bahn. If you use one of the staircases, which bring you from the park to the entry, all higher rural illusions change to a lower urban atmosphere.
How does it look here? I like this photo with the doorway but I'm in doubt, if this would have been enough for the Olimpic Games of 2000. Of course, they didn't get them and they might have planed more elegance. They were forced to think about why they build it. They had to change their plans before it was completed. They decided to make it multifunctional. So they had not to blow it up after the games.

Why isn't mountain climbing approved for the Olympics? The park had enough room for a little Mount Olympus replica and there are high buildings in the neighborhood. E.g. a discreet failed investment. It was good for scrambling, except in wasn't the quarter for the lady athletes.
I like this spot the most. This parts seem to be left from assembling the Velodrom. It's just the same when I tinker with my computer. There is always something left but the machine still runs. When I took some of this photos, two teenies asked me, why I make such big steps. I claimed that I come from the mountains and what shit does is mean how I walk. Unfortunately I forgot to give them the URL of this pages that they can take a look. Perhaps somebody knows them?
Addendum: Meanwhile, the area with the odd parts has been cleaned up. - As time goes by!

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