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The Comenius-Garden in the Bohemian Village

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Johann Amos Comenius (Jan Amos Komenský, 1592-1670) may be seen as one of the most important Bohemians. The Bohemian Village is a good place to pay tribute and dedicate a garden to him. It was opened at 06.11. in 1995. At the same day Berlin and Prague became twin towns.

The conceptual design of the Comenius-Garden follows the pedagogical and philosophical thoughts of Comenius including the usage by local day-care centers and schools. There is also a offer of guided tours and talks. Forget your bad experiences at school, that's not the fault of one of the very first methodical didacts. His Ideas are stunningly modern: Learning should be pleasing, it has to be vivid and appropriate for children. There should be less instruction and more learning. He knew about the nature of learning as an active process of doing things. He also propagated the right of education for everybody. Perhaps you guess the "Path of Life" which represents the concept of the garden area.

At March 1992 the Czechoslovakian Government donated a statue of Comenius to celebrate the 400th anniversary of his birthday. It was made by the Czech sculptor Josef Vajce. It was inaugurated by Alexander Dubček.

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The real world address of the Comenius-Garden: Richardstraße 35, 12043 Berlin, Neukölln

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